Executive training

Our Training Division develops Courses and Seminars to match your Company´s needs

Overall concepts

These products comprise a wide range of programs, seminars and meetings regarding current affairs that make up professionals' background in companies, providing them training for consolidation and growth.


Training professionals that are ready to be leaders in knowledge and understaning.
Promoting a wide vision of the organization in the decision-making process.
Preparing assistants to turn new knowledge into sustainable competitive advantages.

Motivating participants to improve and update their knowledge constantly.
Improving people's ability to analyse, make decisions, execute a task and work in a team.
Personal development.




Executive project management training

Professional skills auditing and detection.
Development and Management Planning.
Organization Chart design.
Objective Areas Training.

Team building.
Marketing and Sales Training and Planning.
Monitoring and Control.


In company programs

Small and Medium Business administration.
Service Marketing.
CRM Customer Relationship Management.

Brand Creation and Management.
Agroalimentary Product Marketing.


Courses and seminars

Regional Economies Development Business Plans.
Competitive Advantage Development.
Market Research.
Sales and Technology.

Commercial opportunities detection.
Product Strategy Detection.
Customer Retention Strategies.
Sales Administration Process.

Seminars and Courses last between 1 week (intensive) and 4 weeks (twice a week)