Analysing, instructing and training people on Project Development and Start Up

Specific technical jobs

Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Corporate Strategies Development.
Marketing Plan Development.
Consumer Behavior.

Company´s Internationalization.
Market Research.
Product and Brand expansion.
Logistics and Marketing Channel Management.

Financial end Economical definitions for Business Plans.
Sales Planning and Follow Up Programs.
Communications and Advertising Management.
Growth Programs.


Resource availability analysis

Project´s operational status (Short and Long Term).
Start Up needs.
Cash Flow – Profit and Loss.
Activity Planning (time and resources).
Financial definitions.

Profit Analysis.
Sales Structure.
Costs Structure.
External forces.


Proposal's development and evaluation

SWOT Analysis.
Scope Analysis.
Risk Analysis and Management.

Strategy Development.
Implementation and Management.


Project start up and technical support

We deliver taylor-made Programs and Technical Tools to support projects.


Control and monitoring tools

Follow up Programs that provide keys for management and operational evaluation.


Credit preparation and management

As a result of financial analysis, we deliver proper plans to get Credit, based on real Activity and Business Plans that reflect the Company´s payback power.